FREE SHIPPING on orders over $250. Looking no g for a gift? The deadline is past to get custom wood bats made and delivered by the 25th. However our most popular option is our gift card design forms. These allow the recipients to receive a design form, and come up with their own unique bat! Click on our blog post about Gift Card design forms below to see how it works!


How it works! Our custom gift card design forms are available for any of our custom wood baseball bat options.  STEP 1- click on Gift Card Design Forms. STEP 2- select the product you would like. STEP 3- at checkout add the shipping address for the design form,  you will be charge the shipping amount for the bat when it is completed.  Your recipient will not be charged for shipping when they turn in their form.  Pickup is also available.  Matt’s Bat custom wood baseball bat design forms allow each recipient to design their bat profile as well as sketch in their design.   I will personally work with each recipient and help walk them through the process.  Gift cards will ship in 3-5 business days.