Matt's Bat wood baseball bat recommendations are here help you chose the right wood, weight, model, and finishing to make sure you get the most durable custom wood bat with the best performance possible!  

WOOD TYPE- Split stock maple- This wood is harvested and split with wedges along the natural slope of grain of the wood which produces the most durable wood bats available.  We also steel press all bats to help compress the grains which help harden the bat and give it more pop!           

MAPLE:  Maple is known for hardness and has diffused porous grains which prevent the bat from flaking. This is a great type of wood for any player looking to get a lot of swings in during the off season because of it's durable reputation. This is also our most popular game bat.  Maple finishes best with paint as it offers a clean smooth finish.

BAT MODELS-  Prep/Adult bats can be requested in any pro wood bat model that you would prefer or you can select from our most popular bat models that are balanced, sllightly end loaded or end loaded.  BALANCED- great for hitters that want to work on hitting balls to all fields with high levels of contact. Hitters that don't hit as much for power but high average.  SLIGHTLY END LOADED- Our most popular weight distribution which gets that feeling of the bat whipping through the zone without sacrificing control.  Perfect for hitters that want to increase in power and bat speed while being able to control the bat through the hitting zone.  END LOADED-  For the free swinger that wants to hit for power.  When you connect it can go further but can sacrifice control. 

CUPPING- Cupping can take off about .4 ounces from the head of the bat which helps balance the bat more.  Some players like to feel a bit more head weight that makes the bat whip through the zone and some players like a bit more balanced of a bat.   Cupping is where the end of the bat is bored out into a small bowl shape.  Both cupping and rounded are great options depending on what feel your player likes.

SIZING/ WEIGHT RECOMMENDATIONS-  Weight recommendations are very important for purchasing wood baseball bats because of durability.  The lighter the wood the weaker the wood.   Here are my recommendations from my experience that will help you minimize the risk of breakage.

7and Under- drop 9 to drop 8

8-10 years old- drop 7 to drop 6

11-12 years old- drop 5 to drop 3

13-16 years old- drop 3

16 and older- drop 3 to drop 2

WARRANTY-  All of our custom game bats, fungos and training bats come with a  30 day replacement warranty. 

FINISHING OPTIONS-  Matt's Bat Custom Wood Baseball Bats offers a variety of finishing options including, stains, paints, dyes, flame tempering, clear coating and much more.  We offer custom logos and name lines to personalize your wood bat.  We leave the design to the customer so you are not limited on what you can do.