Matt's Bat offers custom coaches fungo bats. Located in the Oklahoma City area.

Coaches Fungo Bats

Matt's Bat

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Matt's bat offers Fungo bats that are designed with a long handle and short barrel which distributes the weight of the bat towards the end.  The bats are very light weight and are not to be used for hitting pitches.  Fungo bats are designed for coaches and parents that want to get fly balls and ground balls with very little effort to their players.  Our fungos are made out of light weight hand split soft maple and white ash.  These bats can be designed any way you want them.  Just order the length that you want and we will get with you shortly to finalize your design.  FREE CUSTOMIZATION for all fungo bats.  Thanks of for volunteering your time!  Quantity is limited to 6 at a time in your cart.  For more bats ordered you will have to have separate transactions.